Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Holiday with Mom: Cooking Class

Every holiday, despite my best efforts, the child care plans I had in place (and sometimes already paid for by the way of school fees) fall away and my kids end up with me. I'm not trying to avoid them, mind you, it would just be that much easier to clean the house and get some things done without being continually followed by and/or attached to two little people. So I'm always looking for things we can do - even if it's walk to the park, get some groceries, go for a play date - just so that we can get out of the house. This holiday I've found a great community initiative being held at our local mall: free cooking sessions!

Today we went to try it out. I had probably heard or read the start time somewhere, because I was heading there for 10h00, but after we'd eventually found parking and made it through the mall via the information desk (to make sure I hadn't been imagining this whole thing) we got to the workshop area at 10h05, and were told it was too late to join. As it turns out, they were making muesli and fruit salad which Zac wasn't that keen on, so we signed up for the 12h00 class instead. Of course the only problem with that was the 2-hour wait in the mall.

Eventually 12h00 came around and Zac was super excited: they were making pizza! Below are the few photos I took (the parents aren't actually allowed inside the area, and Sam was sleeping, so it's a miracle I got any pictures at all!).

In his apron, waiting to start

Getting his chef hat fitted properly

Listening to the instructions

Meticulously preparing his pizza

All done - pizza in the oven

Playing Snakes and Ladders during the wait

Heading home for lunch

So even though we spent an ungodly 3 hours in the mall this morning - at least we had one happy holiday maker!

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